Baked Rice Pudding

One of Joyce’s favourite desserts and one of my personal best rice pudding recipes.

Copycat Corner Bakery D.C. Chicken Salad

There is no one “best” chicken salad recipe. I’ve tried several dozen over the years, and I use about five of them as a staple go to recipe when I need chicken salad.

Copycat El Torito Spanish Rice

The staple rice I make when cooking my copycat El Torito steak or chicken fajitas. Also pairs well with my copycat Chili’s steak fajitas too.

Savoury Chicken with Water Chestnuts

This is one of those staple Chinese food dishes I cook. It’s filling, appetizing, and pairs well with most other Chinese dishes I throw together. The beauty of it is, I can cook this dish whilst working on two or three other dishes simultaneously.

Brown-butter toffee blondies

The addition of smashed up slabs of toffee and chopped walnuts add a crunchy but oh- so-chewy texture when you bite in to each piece.

These blondie bites are one of my wife’s favourite desserts that I make about once every six months for her. I’ve also distributed these bites amongst colleagues when I have been working on-site with a client.

When you serve these toffee blondies you can either cut them larger (100mm/4″ squares) in size as an individual serving or bite-sized about 40mm square. Either way, the obligatory glass of cold milk should be included.

I find the blondies more than sweet enough as-is, but if you have a very sweet tooth, or you just like the look of the dust treats, a light dusting of confectioner’s sugar adds a nice touch.

Quick-Cooked Chicken with Vegetables

This is one of those recipes where the time is in the prep work you do, not in the cooking.

Having everything prepared and ready to go is the key success for this recipe because there isn’t enough time between steps to prep.

Alcohol Infused Cream

Bored of regular whipped cream?

Infuse it with your favourite tipple.

Amaretto? Bailey’s? Rum? Kahlua?

Vanilla Sugar

When a simple baking recipe calls for a combination of vanilla extract and sugar as two of its ingredients, I usually reach for the vanilla sugar as a substitute.

Rum Sauce

Rum sauce poured over Christmas pudding can bring even the most lacklustre of store bought puddings to life.

The sauce also works on apple pie, pumpkin pie, or anything that requires a thick, pourable custard to add a little moisture and flavour dimension.

I serve rum sauce alongside my sticky toffee pudding, a peach upside down cake, and even on my bread pudding when I don’t want the Amaretto infused cream.

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