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If you’ve come here with a short attention span, then I suggest you head off somewhere else, Facebook for instance.

If you’ve come here hoping to read a novella before getting to the recipe, then may I suggest one of those other fine blogs that will be happy to waste your time.

If you’ve come here looking for artsy food photography, flour dusted cutting boards and artfully arranged props, then you are probably thinking of some other cooking blog.

If you’ve come here looking to read about a recipe by someone who has cooked it precisely once, and spent more time on perfecting their photography skills than on perfecting their culinary skills, check out one of the fine cooking blogs you can find through Google.

If you are looking for live-kitchen tested recipes that have gone through dozens of variations before settling on a single recipe, then you’re in the right place.

I’m your host, Justin Lloyd, I am a professionally trained but not very experienced chef that cooks exclusive meals for a small, select audience. 😉

I have been personally, one-on-one trained and mentored for a half-dozen years by three of the best executive and award winning chefs in America.

Every recipe on this site has been tested, tested again, and tested again, and again, and again.

This blog is a journal of my culinary adventures over the years as told through the recipes I cook. Every day I wake up and I tackle one new recipe for a dish, a dressing, or a technique, that I have never done before. And then I cook, bake, sauté, or boil several other dishes as deliberate practice to improve on recipes I have already attempted.

To be good at something, you have to deliberately practice every day. And to be great at something, every day you have to practice deliberately .

I have a rule in my kitchen, you never serve a dish to a guest from a recipe you have never cooked before.

“Was that pretentious enough? Did it come off as too artsy? Should I do over?”

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