Savoury Chicken with Water Chestnuts

This is one of those staple Chinese food dishes I cook. It’s filling, appetizing, and pairs well with most other Chinese dishes I throw together. The beauty of it is, I can cook this dish whilst working on two or three other dishes simultaneously.

Crystallized Ginger

I use crystallized ginger in a variety of desserts and cakes, it makes hot tea taste wonderful, and makes for a sweet and spicy snack just to eat whenever.

Once you have made a batch of crystallized ginger, you can use the leftover water that you boiled the ginger in to make ginger simple syrup.

Simple syrup

Simple syrups are used in so many recipes and drink mixes that it is worth keeping a half-liter bottle on hand.

As you can store simple syrup in the refrigerator almost indefinitely, there’s no excuse to never have it to available.

Quick and simple pasta dough

The second worst thing I’ve learned in cooking is how to make fresh pasta. Because at 2 AM in the morning when your wife wanders in to your office and says “I’m peckish, could you make me some pasta?” it doesn’t do your waistline any good.

This pasta dough comes together in just a few minutes, has a short rest time, and can be rolled out by hand.

The reason this dough is so quick to work with is the reduced number of eggs in the mixture. Just three eggs doesn’t leave a lot of room for moisture to be hanging around.

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