Quick-Cooked Chicken with Vegetables

This is one of those recipes where the time is in the prep work you do, not in the cooking.

Having everything prepared and ready to go is the key success for this recipe because there isn’t enough time between steps to prep.

Alcohol Infused Cream

Bored of regular whipped cream?

Infuse it with your favourite tipple.

Amaretto? Bailey’s? Rum? Kahlua?

Vanilla Sugar

When a simple baking recipe calls for a combination of vanilla extract and sugar as two of its ingredients, I usually reach for the vanilla sugar as a substitute.

Rum Sauce

Rum sauce poured over Christmas pudding can bring even the most lacklustre of store bought puddings to life.

The sauce also works on apple pie, pumpkin pie, or anything that requires a thick, pourable custard to add a little moisture and flavour dimension.

I serve rum sauce alongside my sticky toffee pudding, a peach upside down cake, and even on my bread pudding when I don’t want the Amaretto infused cream.

Baby Spinach, Apple & Feta Cheese Salad Sans Dressing


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I do not understand the American obsession with a) “having salad” as your meal, and b) drowning it in dressing.

It’s salad.

It’s not rocket science.

A quick salad is a work of art in its simplicity, especially when it is an accompaniment to a dish (as all salads should be) rather than the focus dish.

This baby spinach, apple and feta cheese works without any dressing having just enough moisture contributed by the juiciness of the apple and just enough saltiness contributed by the sprinkle of feta cheese.


This bruschetta recipe works well served with warm ciabatta bread.

Balsamic Reduction

A good Balsamic vinegar that has been reduced to a thick, syrupy consistency is a wonderful addition to all sorts of dishes, from jazzing up Asparagus to amazing Brussels Sprouts to an oddly tangy addition to desserts, having a Balsamic reduction on hand is a kitchen staple.

Steak and onion sandwich

Steak and onion sandwiches

I like to serve these sandwiches on a freshly baked Ciabatta bread so that the juices from the onions and the steak pools into the large porous holes of the bread. It makes the sandwich moist without being wet and serves to contain a lot of the juice that will flow out of the meat as you bite in to it.

The complete sandwich is three separate recipes. The steak (that’s this recipe), the onions, and the bread. Only the first two are necessary to make for the meal if you already have suitable bread.

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